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SEC to release more guidance on how it grants regulatory waivers


(Reuters) – U.S. securities regulators will release new guidance on how they decide whether a company should retain leeway in raising capital, after criticism that such waivers are too often rubber-stamped for banks that have broken the law. Elizabeth Murphy, ...

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Aschere Energy to Houston for 2015 NAPE Conference


Aschere Energy, a Dallas Texas Oil and Gas Operator is thrilled to announce its attendance of the 2015 NAPE. Dallas, Tx – 3/03/2015 Aschere Energy, is thrilled to announce its attendance for the 2015 Houston NAPE Summit. The largest upstream ...

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  Feb 5th , NEW YORK (AP) — Hopeful signs that the long-running collapse in oil prices could be ending helped send the stock market sharply higher. Oil jumped $3.48 to $53.05 a barrel.  A jump in oil prices helped push ...

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Critics claim SEC acting as judge, jury in deciding its cases


Jan 10th 2015 When it comes to winning at home, nobody can beat the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s record. The agency, which last year filed a complaint against Laurie Bebo, the ousted chief executive at Assisted Living Concepts Inc., ...

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Good Rocks and Low Debt: Keys to Surviving in the Oil Market.

rtr4e5y5 12/12/2014 West Texas Intermediate crude oil is now down below $60 a barrel, and the bloodbath continues for oil company investors. According to data from U.S. Capital Advisors, as of early this week shares in the average large-cap U.S. ...

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Aschere Energy teams up with Tango Tab for “STRIKE OUT HUNGER EVENT”


Aschere Energy with Texas Nonprofit to Feed 1,000 Families Dallas TX  November 12, 2014 Aschere Energy and Tango Tab Dallas will hold its Strike out Hunger Event, benefitting and feeding up to 10,000 North Texas Residents. The Event will be ...

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Hydraulic Fracturing Saved Consumers Up to $248 Billion Last Year


Using historical price and production data for the years 2008 to 2013, a new study has found that hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling applied to shale oil formations saved consumers between $63 and $248 billion in 2013 (and a cumulative ...

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Law enforcement bliss: the SEC as policeman, Judge and jury


Nov 7th 2014 New York’s Southern District Court Judge Jed Rakoff is always worth listening to. He expresses trenchant views about the rule of law elegantly and politely. He is fearlessly independent. Prosecutors in the US, who are normally prone ...

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Should the SEC be prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner?


Oct 21st Wall Street Journal , The Securities and Exchange Commission is increasingly steering cases to hearings in front of the agency’s appointed administrative judges, who found in its favor in every verdict for the 12 months through September, rather ...

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Have we Beaten Peak Oil ?


Why Peak Oil Predictions Have NOT come true. For decades, it has been a doomsday scenario looming large in the popular imagination: The world’s oil production tops out and then starts an inexorable decline—sending costs soaring and forcing nations to ...

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