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Breaking News of the latest trends in Oil and Gas Production

Lifting the Crude Export Ban will Spur U.S. Economy


Gasoline prices in the U.S. may potentially drop by 8 cents a gallon each year on average if the export ban is lifted !! May 29th, 2014 / Bloomberg News The U.S. will benefit from increased oil production and lower ...

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Shale Revolution delivers 55,000 jobs to Houston

Our abundance of affordable domestic energy,  has also revitalized the American Sector A new report co-authored by the Greater Houston Partnership finds that the benefits of the shale energy revolution are poised to continue in Houston, extending far beyond just ...

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7 Jaw-Dropping Facts from Texas Eagle Ford

Eagle Ford Type Log

May9th, 2014 – The Motley Fool The Eagle Ford has been a game-changer for America’s energy industry. So to get you up to speed, here are seven jaw-dropping facts from the Eagle Ford. 1. The Eagle Ford could be the ...

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Insiders see No End to the BOOM !!


“The Technology didnt JUST HAPPEN , it Evolved.”  Despite official predictions that the U.S. energy boom will pop like a bubble in the next 20 years, people engaged in drilling for oil and gas—from the financiers to the frackers—see no ...

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Texas oil production moving up in world ranking


By the end of this year, Texas’ oil production could exceed the output of every OPEC country but Saudi Arabia. The state’s production, driven mainly by the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas and the Permian Basin in West Texas, will ...

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On the Launch Pad: The Rise of Pad Drilling


April 22nd, 2014 / Drilling Info US Oil and Gas companies have pioneered a number of new techniques in the last decade that have led to a resurgence of domestic production. Along with hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, pad drilling has been ...

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Half of US Oil Production Comes from These 20 Counties


The 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is a concept used to describe a highly nonlinear relationship between cause and effect. In other words, a minority of the causes (20%) account for a majority of the results (80%). ...

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Aschere Energy attends 2014 OGIS Symposium in New York


OGIS April 7th – 9th New York NY. Aschere Energy LLC , Recently attended the 2014 Oil and Gas Investment Symposium (OGIS) in New York City. OGIS New York is the Independent Petroleum Association of America’s (IPAA) newest investor program ...

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INGAA forecasts oil, gas infrastructure outlays to 2035


INGAA the largest representative for National Oil and Gas Pipeline Companies in the US estimates $640.9 billion, or an average $29.1 billion/year, will need to be spent on US and Canadian midstream crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids ...

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