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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas Aschere Energy focuses on opportunities for development in existing fields where drilling success ratios are much higher than those resulting from thealternative of drilling in an unproven area. Aschere Energy is actively participating in some major trends in the U.S. such as the Eagle Ford Shale . (see shale map below) 


Aschere Energy focuses on opportunities for development in existing fields where drilling success ratios are much higher than those resulting from the alternative of drilling in an unproven area. There are three types of wells that offer a supreme advantage: In-field developmental wells,  wells drilled to the same productive reservoir as other proven wells within the established boundaries of the field.

Offset wells– also known as step out wells, usually not more than one drill site or location away from existing production, drilled into reservoirs believed to be an extension of the productive reservoir around the prospect.

In-field prospects– these locations are proved up by examining the well logs of the surrounding wells and interpreting any available seismic. In some cases It is possible to determine that there are other prospective target zones yet unexplored, but proven to be productive In our target area.

Developmental drilling has become the industry’s answer to cost cutting as well as production enhancement while maximizing investment for smaller independent oil & gas companies during the current state of the nation’s struggling economy.

The Aschere Energy Team utilizes years of field experience creating a significant advantage for partners. Its  knowledge of understanding the great variety of situations and conditions enables Aschere Energy to drill, complete and equip wells at a cost factor far below many of Its competitors.

Aschere Energy drills wells on a turnkey basis,thereby Insuring Its partners of no cost overuns. The Company also utilizes participation agreements that limit the partners financial commitments to the amount of the fixed, turnkey cost during the drilling and completion phases of each well.

To guarantee that the focus is always on enhancing the total return, Aschere Energy participates as an investor in each of its projects that is offered-therein lies the distinctive difference that sets Aschere Energy apart from most independent oil and gas companies today. By its participation as an interest partner, Aschere Energy bears Its proportioned share of the operating costs allocated to the well.

The Final Advantage  which Aschere Energy maintains, is  an excellent relationship with many of the service companies that provide drilling, completion and well service along with seismic and supply companies. We have developed these relationships over the past 15+ years. This allows Aschere Energy to outsource its utilization of drilling  and service companies without substantial waiting periods, while Its competitors have to wait for availability. As a result, Aschere Energy is able to provide its partners with the same benefits within the Industry while other companies request a larger Investment for the same depth of well.

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